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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rocky burr cleaning

Before taking my Rocky to the buyer, I did give it a thorough cleaning as per my usual cleaning routine for the Rocky including the spout removal and chute cleaning. This time, however, I went a bit further with the cleaning out of curiosity as well as to be courteous towards the next owner. So what more did I do? I took off the hopper and the upper burr carrier to give the burrs a quick clean. Previously I had not done this and the hopper I had only swiped clean of the coffee oils every now and then and with the hopper "in situ".

In the Rocky the burr removal is actually a simple procedure. You start by unscrewing the three screws that hold the hopper in place (be careful not to drop them inside the throat of the grinder!).

Lift the hopper off and you can see upper burr carrier, which you then just unscrew. And that's it. Very simple.

This is one of the heavy duty parts in the Rocky. It is all brass. The burrs were in very good / as new condition and sharp, but I would have expected nothing less - the grinder is just over three months old!

There was quite a bit of ground coffee that had compacted around the lower burr. With a nylon brush (I really need to get myself a proper brush for burr cleaning) and a vacuum I managed to get most of the stuff out, but not all.

Once I had done my quick clean I just reversed the process, i.e. screwed back the upper burr with its carrier. You might want to be careful here as the upper burr carrier is made of harder metal (brass) than the lower part that it screws into (aluminium) - you do not want to ruin the threads. I then reattached the hopper (after I had cleaned it) and zeroed the Rocky in to check that it was as before I took it apart - and yes, it was (you can also do the zeroing in quite accurately by feel when you are re-attaching the upper burr).

To finish things off, I also reattached the finger guard, packed the grinder and the manual into the original box and the Rocky was ready to go to its new owner. It had served me well despite its shortcomings and annoyances. Snif.



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