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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Barista Magazine - Feb/March 2006

I received the latest (February/March) issue of Barista Magazine already some time ago, but only recently did I have time to read it thoroughly. As usual, there are several good articles, but the one on dosing (The Dosing Debate - Part II) by Tim Wendelboe, following Part I on the same topic by George Sabados was the one of most interest to me.

While I don't feel qualified to criticize either of the authors (or the need for doing so), I read their articles with great interest and try and leanr from their experience. I have noted that my dosing methods have been closer to George Sabados' updosing with up to 20 grams of coffee in by ridgeless double basket. To be honest, I have recently dialed back slightly and currently use approximately 18 grams per double, which is still more than most or the "traditional" 14 gram per double guideline. We had interesting discussions regarding dosing during the Copenhagen Home-Barista Jam where it appeared that I was updosing more than the other participants (and we all used the same coffee and filter basket).

I guess my take on the debate is that when one updoses, it is in my opinion easier to achieve good distribution of the coffee in the filter basket and therefore it is also easier to achieve an even extraction - at least for me it is. This is naturally not to say that a good extraction cannot be achieved with a smaller dose, but I feel that one then needs to grind slightly finer and take even more care in the distribution. It all comes down to taste and ones preferences and I like the thicker, more ristretto-like shots that I achieve by my method of updosing.

By the way, I have noted that Barista Magazine has a link to my blog on their website (under the community section). Cool!


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Saturday, March 04, 2006  

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