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Saturday, April 05, 2008


It has been a very long time since I last posted on my blog. My apologies to the readers and thank you for your patience. Since my previous post there have been numerous developments. I'll try and make this short.

Both my wife and myself have moved to or are in the process of taking up new jobs. In both cases these are with the same companies respectively, but in a different country. We will be moving back to our home country, Finland, at the end of this month. I have effectively been working two jobs (but unfortunately only on one salary) for a while now and on top of this making the practical arrangements for moving home, country etc have taken their fair share of my time.

In addition to the new jobs, we've managed to find a new home in Finland. We both look forward to our new challenges professionally as well as to being closer to our families. Having said this, we will both immensely miss Copenhagen, Denmark and the friend that we have both come to love over the time we have spent here. Fortunately, going forward, both of us will continue to have responsibilities in our respective jobs that will mean that we will have frequent opportunities to visit Copenhagen on a regular basis in the future.

For me personally the time in Denmark has been an eye opener when it comes to coffee and one of my biggest challenges in Finland will be keeping up the quality of the coffee we are so accustomed to having at home here in Copenhagen. To be honest, I initially see only two alternatives, either ordering online from Denmark and/or the UK or roasting at home. I may and up relying on both. Time will tell...

Moving on to "smaller" things, both myself and my wife both look forward to our new home in Finland. We will finally have a slightly larger kitchen with a space dedicated for my coffee passion. I attach a draft picture of the espresso bar that will be in place soon after we have moved in. It's nothing fancy, but I hope it will serve the purpose. I will report in more detail on this once we have completed the move...


Anonymous Marcy said...

Congrats on the new jobs, Teme & Mrs :) Moving countries... all the logistics involved... no wonder you haven't had the time ;) The espresso bar looks like a great thing to have at home :D Will you get the chance to be in DK for the WBC?

Sunday, April 06, 2008  
Blogger Teme said...

Thanks Marcy :)

The WBC is happening at midsummer, which is a time I usually like to spend in Finland. However, I have been looking forward to having this event closer to home and now that it will be in Copenhagen I would not want to miss it! So yes, I will be coming over to Copenhagen for the event and to meet people. I have not yet decided on which days I will attend, though.


Sunday, April 06, 2008  

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