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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kaffa moves

Kaffa Roastery has moved from their previous quite isolated and out of town location in an industrial estate to a much more central location in Helsinki (you can enter from Pursimiehenkatu 29 or through Mokomarket at Perämiehenkatu 10). I popped in today to pick up some coffee and check out the new place. I think it is great to finally have a roaster and a nice espresso/coffee bar in a location that is accessible!

Next to the espresso bar is a cute Piaggio trike. I had to ask, but apparently there are no plans to make a mobile espresso bar out of it for the summer.

The roasters themselves are behind a glass wall next to the espresso bar. On duty are two Toper roasters that were hauled over from the previous location - a 2.5kg one and a 15kg one (as well as a four barrel sample roaster).

Current selection of goodies available for purchase consists of coffee roaster on site (this is done mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays), Zero Japan drippers and Bodum presspots.

Reg Barber tampers, Motta milk jugs and other stuff is to follow soon. I look forward to seeing what that may be - Cona vacuum brewers? Clever Coffee Drippers? Let's see...

But there was also something interesting lurking in a back room. An old Probat UG-22 roaster! It is in need of some cleaning but is otherwise in very good shape. May be we will soon see it in action?

One more thing to note for those visiting Helsinki - Kaffecentralen, another must visit coffee place in Helsinki, is located only about a 100 meters from Kaffa's new location. Very convenient.

You can follow the latest news and developments regarding the new products becoming available etc from Kaffa Roastery's blog.

At the time of writing this, Kaffa's actual website is not yet up to date.



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